Is there a way to make it end when all the people have passed through a teleporter?

so, i have 2 questions. First, is there a way to make the game end when all the people have passed through a teleporter? Like a variable so games with different amounts of people would still work. 2nd, is there a way to make the person who passed through the teleporter first the winner, second person the second place, and so on? thank you!

Do you know how to detect the amount of players in the game?

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no :woman_shrugging: sorry, is there a way to do it with blocks or something?

thank so much!!!

Use this guide:


ok, thank you!!!

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you can use this guide to make the first player to teleport first, etc, except make it update your score property, and replace the laser with a teleporter.


ok, thank you!!! i will try it now!

Now, place down a property device. Make the property numerical, and that’s all.

In the “property” section for the counter, set the property to the value of the counter.

Now, place down another counter, and another property.

Wire the teleporter to the counter so that when the player is teleported to the teleporter, increment the counter, which also is set to a property.

Wire the teleporter to a trigger device so that when a player is teleported there, trigger. Make sure to do this after you wire the teleporter to a counter.
Player teleported here → Trigger.

Create block code for the trigger. Make the block code say “If getproperty [yourproperty] = getproperty [yourotherproperty], broadcast message on channel “endgame””.

Place down an endgame device and make the game end when receiving “endgame”.


thank you for this advice! sorry, but i am a bit confused about the block code. do i just name it, and then it will work? is there a guide i can use to set up block code? sorry i do not understand this. :frowning:

just to be clear, i only dont understand the blocks. i get everything else and it is super helpful!!! thank you so much!

It checks if the players in the game is equal to the amount of players that have teleported in the teleporter, and if so, it ends the game.

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but do i use a variable, or an text block?

Property device.

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ok thank you!!!

If you are still confused about blocks, here is something that might help you understand!


thank you!!! im sure this will help a lot!!!

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Use a live player counter to detect the amount of players in the game. Make the teleporter a 1 way teleporter. When Player Teleports To Portal-----Increment Counter. Have counter update a property. When property changes, check if property = amount of players in the game.