Is anyone good at these types of things

Can someone help me with making small cool things that are Kinda like Easter eggs but they are not easter eggs just small things to do for fun.

How to add Easter Eggs to your maps! [Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10]
A guide to creating good lore based easter eggs (updated/half-done)
==The Ultimate Easter Egg Guide== (Difficulty: :orange_square:)

I am not an easter egg maker, but I do have a search bar.


I did not mean easter eggs i meant like little things to do such as turning on an arcade machine and teleporting to a mini game.
Like that.
I did use the search bar before i posted, i understand that there is a search bar.

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Make like everything interactable

yes, that is what I was asking.

add riddles that lead you to a special item

The problem with that idea is bc it is a cookie clicker map.

wire buttons to teleporters and label the button play game

I could later.

Please use < and > for invisable characters

I am good at Easter egg poems…I might make one later…If you ask nicely…

@LEPRECON2024 Make a dancing apple you are teleported to if you complete a series of tasks

Make melons melon good