Infection Game Struggles

Im making an infection game but I cant figure out how to give the infected weapons and the survivors no weapons

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Hi there! First off welcome to the forums! Second try using item granters. Use a lifecycle connected to a relay that is connected to an item granter that grants the item.



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You could have two teams. Non-infected is team 1 and infected is team 2. When someone is taken to team 2, there is a checker that checks if anyone on team 2 has an item if the check fail it gives them an item. But I suggest using @raeB’s solution if mine doesn’t work or you want something easier.


I understand whta your say but idk how to do that so ill go wth the first option

Ok, that’s fine.

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OMG its not woking I cant figure it out and im mad my settings are just like yours but its not working

Hmm Don’t panic. What are your game settings? If they are cooperative then you might need an extra step.

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Yeah don’t worry, @raeB can help walk you through it step by step.

I like to make my guides informative even if they give me a headache. I am always happy to help anyone!

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Same here, the only difference is art guides arn’t a problem to make just to make it slowy ad then remember to screen shot it.

they are cooperative

Change it to free for all or something else. You’ll need to use a player switcher first before you use the relay since no one is on team two.

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Keep it at cooperative but use this guide

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Adding on, you should probably add a repeater in there, as that system would only trigger once, at the game start.

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For the infection part, wire a life cycle to a team switcher, then make it so that if they die, they get sent to team 2(zombies).

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since there cooerative what do I do