Infection Game Struggles

they really have made me feel welcome here

Welcome to the forums @thisismyusername !

Welcome to the forums @thisismyusername.

Set game mode to cooperative.
I will walk you through how to switch one person to team 2 and give them a weapon.
place a device: The lifecycle!
Lifecycles run when events happen in game. For this one, we won’t need to adjust any settings as the default is on game start, and we will switch them on game start…
Next, place a relay!
Relays are useful because they broadcast things for a certain group, whether it be relaying it to everyone, to a specific team, to a player on each team, or random players and more! This time, we will change it’s settings to relay to a random player.
Now, for the team switcher.
The team switcher switches a players team. For the settings, adjust it to switch them to team 2.
Now, the item granter.
Change the settings of the item granter to have the weapon you desire for the infected.
Finally, wiring.
Wire the lifecycle to the relay
lifecycle → relay it
wire the relay to the item granter and team switcher.
relay → item grranter
relay → team switcher
This system changes the team of a random player on the game start to 2 and gives them a weapon.
Note: this won’t make people who are infected later get a weapon, only makes the first infected get one. to do that, grant a weapon on whatever signal you have to infect them.