Ideas that Gimkit should add

So I have been brainstorming ideas that gimkit needs to add, and here are 4, because I can’t use the website where you can give gimkit ideas. (So maybe you can publish these onto that)

  1. A new device, kind of like a sentry but it 's called ‘the townsperson’ basically it has a built in trading, system, and you cusetomize to look like different things. (almost like villagers in minecraft) and also it doesn’t fire at you
  2. A new section on the + menu called interactives, where you can place buildings or bridges (that look like props) but are different for different biomes and can have customizable interiors
  3. Armor in the game that the player can see on them, like metal armor, or some type of magic armor, the better the armor, the more defense the player has
  4. Many new props that would make decorating so much easier, like different types of trees, and acorns and pinecones, and gates ect., ect.
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You shouldn’t post this here…
You should have posted it at
Or emailed them at
This forum is NOT for suggestions for gimkit. This forum is for HELP on GKC!!!

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they can’t access it

Yeah, but they could also email them at

yeah that but my ipad posted too early

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A lot of these are already possible, not as devices/props but device systems and props can be created with enough imagination and creativity.

  1. This, just place a barrier over it.
  1. You can just try to recreate them with enough imagination and creativity (i.e Wooden Signs for the Bridge)

  2. This, This and This.

  1. Same thing with #2

  2. Suggest at


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