How to make a shop that will grant you armor(Shield)

First, go to the map settings by clicking on the gear in the bottom left corner.
Screenshot 2023-11-07 9.27.29 AM
Then, go to the Health & Shield Dropdown and set the shield to whatever, but make sure that the starting amount of shield is less than 100%.

Now, time to add props! Use the newly created props to make something like this:

Now, get 4(For my example) empty armor displays, and make them not active on game start. For now, put them wherever you want them to be. And also, make the visibility scope for all of the armor displays(Even the ones with armor) to player.
Screenshot 2023-11-07 9.31.45 AM

Optional Part

Now, put a sentry behind the market stall you placed. Set it to the team that you are on.

Put a button down below the market stall, and set it to these settings:

Make the button open a popup when pressed.

Make the popup say something like, “Hey! If you are low on armor, get some here! Just go up to the displays and choose the one you want to purchase!”

Next, place a button in front of each armor display, make it not visible in game, and make the text say something like, “Buy Armor”. Next, place 4 vending machines, and make it transmit on channel. Make the required item whatever you want. Put a starting inventory and make it grant what you put in the required item part of the vending machine. Get a health granter and set it to these settings:

Now, wire stuff like this:

Now, do this to the other buttons and vending machines and health granters.
Now, get your empty armor display and put it under your full armor displays, and wire stuff like this:

And now you’re done!

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Nice guide! Great way to use the new props!


Really nice guide!

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Super creative!! Great use of the new props : )


Nice guide! Man, I was going to make this.


Perhaps using a prop like the space container, since it has both off and on sprites?


Ok! I’ll try that.

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Nice Guide @BreathTaking! Really cool idea.


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Nice guide @BreathTaking! I implemented this in my map and it worked well.

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Great Guide!

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