I need ideas on what to add to my meadieval map anyone have idea

i cant think of things to add to my meadieval map anyone have ideas

Try some of the All 100+ Medieval Props 🏰 !

You could also make a RPG!

i did @The_7th_Dragon

What do you already have?

Try to make a market, or a tent you can enter

have any ideas on what i should add to the tent

Med station. You could add med kit’s and stuff there. Or you could make a storage tent with stuff like fruit buckets.

How about some purchasable armor?

How about a selling and trading stand? :question: Or maybe where you can make it where you can buy a house.

Here are some ideas: Quests, defend the castle, a minigame tent, a hotel where you can sleep to gain heath, a way to lose heath so the hotel can be used. That’s all I can think of, hope that helped! :+1:

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