Ideas for Beach

I want some ideas, though I searched up some ideas.

I have PLENTY!! Can I tell them?? :slight_smile:

Sure, thanks! @leo_flowers .

A game where you race in the water, near a beach

These are pretty easy…also my first guides…
Just so they won’t be forgotten…

Thanks guys! I’ll check them out!

For the decoration, you can use this guide on how to make a palm tree and make a few on the sidelines, and things like that. If you want to make a towel, you can use barrier, and decorate it or just use… IDK. You can make some things like the very small ground breaking plant, and alien plants, for grass. To make the water, I suggest using different colours, and make it look like the different layers in the zones of water. Adding shells, on the beach, different shapes, sizes and colours. Something I personally like to do ( I don’t know it anyone else does, ) but I like to put coral on above the water to give it ocean vibes.

If you want a plot...

For the plot, you can make ideal: One day, two people were going for a swim in the ocean, to take time away from there house. When, one day, there is a giant sea creature ( Kraken maybe :thinking: ) comes out of the ocean, but they have to defeat this Kraken in order to save the people around them. :slight_smile:

Do you need anymore? I can come up with some! :grin:

Thanks! Can I have some more?

Yess let me make moree… one second…

Alr. So, if you want to make like a chair to relax in, use barriers, and wooden poles, to make it look like there is a chair ( Duh :slight_smile: ) then, you can make an umbrella you can use :parasol_on_ground: maybe, to blend in with the terrain. You can use a :basket: to put on the beach, and if you make barriers as small as they can be, but make them square, you can make a picnic blanket, just turn on grid snap, and make it… I forgot… and you can make it red & white, or blue & white… whatever you desire! _ anymore ideas??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I can come up with some… :grin:

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:bear: THE CALIFORNIAN WAY TO BEACH… :bear: :sunflower: :ocean:

  • Stores for snacks, such as ice cream and popsicles :icecream: :lollipop: :pizza:
  • Beach umbrellas, sand piles, coral, crabs (do these with emojis…) :crab: :thong_sandal: :parasol_on_ground:
  • Restrooms, (yes, you’ll need these) and an exclusive custom game merch shop! :shirt: :toilet: :shopping: :shopping_cart:
  • Sentries as surrounding citizens; cooler with customizable options! :people_holding_hands: :child: :man:
  • Beach shovels, buckets, sand dollars, (if possible) for additional decoration! :bucket: :sun_with_face: :dolphin:
  • Try to add animals, besides crabs, like dolphins and birds! (yikes; not sharks! :shark:) :dolphin: :bird:
  • A boardwalk with rides, such as a rollercoaster or ferris wheel! :roller_coaster: :ferris_wheel: :roller_skate:

Additional Tips

  • Be creative; this is your map! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:
  • Try to expand the horizon; add whatever you can and don’t be afraid to try something new! :smiling_face:
  • If something is challenging :no_entry_sign:, just ask the forums for help! :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_man:

Sorry about all of the emojis…they look so neat and organized! :slight_smile: …
Yeah, make sure to at least consider these ideas… :+1: (One last one!)


Thanks guys! Thanks!

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