Ideas for a boss fight game

So I’m making a boss fight game and I feel like the fights are getting a little repetitive. I need some ideas for some abilities that I could give the new bosses. Pls for any idea also give me some basic info on how to code it.

See if this helps.


There’s like nothing added to that.

Besides 2 abilities I made, so check that out.

you could put like sentrys that the gim on it is like scary maybe thats all i have for now

Give them a lot of health

Sentries on top of sentries could work too

also add a sentry spawn ability where he can spawn sentries

The purpose of the boss ability is not to make it harder but for it to make each boss different

those are creepy… kinda
you kill it but its still there…
also the ammo it fires at you is scary…

funny idea but make the beef boss mii from poofesure videos a boss fight lol