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Hello! Welcome to my Boss Fight Wiki, for the community!

Ever wanted to make a really cool boss fight, but it kinda lacks fun? Like I mean, it’s just a sentry in a armor stand shooting quantum portal bullets… that sounds boring, (NO OFFENSE TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THAT!)

But I’ll show you how, and others ideas, on how to level up your boss battles to be more fun, and cool looking!

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  • Also make it kid friendly. Example, laser spin and rocket rain is cool, but landmines? Might not be very friendly, so I wouldn’t do that.

There you go! You’ve earned my respect for reading this!

Let the fight begin!
Weapon and speed debuff

Make it so you have a zone that stretches the entire boss fight arena. When player enter zones, activate a trigger on a player scope. Make it so they get debuffed to 0.5x damage, and 0.75x speed, making it more difficult for the player to fight.

By @Txme_Lxss

Laser Attack

Make a zone covering the entire boss fight. Then make it so when a player is in the zone, it transmit a channel, triggering a trigger.

Now, make it so the trigger turns on lasers around the boss, and stretching outward so you could get damaged by it. Make sure the appearance of the lasers hides the laser thingy maker.

With that same trigger, make another trigger that receives the triggers channel, the previous one. Then, make a delay for however long you want, (This is how long you want the lasers on) we’ll do 5 seconds for this, and make it so after the 5 second delay it turns off the lasers.

Now, get another trigger, and make it so it got triggered by the trigger that turned off the laser. Make a delay of however long you want, (For when the lasers will come back up again), and then trigger the trigger that turned the lasers back on.

That was confusing, lots of triggers, sorry.

Heres the end product. Spawn pad is where the boss is.

By @Txme_Lxss


Wiki by @Txme_Lxss

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Wait, can lasers affect sentries?

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I don’t think so and even so it would only work once like a player


Ok, had to confirm cause I added a laser ability to damage the player, which is pretty cool, but I had to confirm cause it might attack the sentry itself, lol.

(Hopefully it doesn’t rot and become a not very useful wiki…)

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Well as long as you add things your self people will start seeing it and become inspired to add their own things.

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Yeah, I added 2 things to help kickstart it so hopefully it can help people out! :smiley:

Sneak peek of a guide I might make..

Mario Party guide, working dice, unique mini games, and a board.

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