Ideas are needed for my dungeon

If you havn’t noticed, this is a follow up to my other post Ideas for my medieval marketplace map, I need ideas for the solution I posted there. I need ideas for my dungeon, I already have a turret, lasers, boss, and of course, monsters. But that only fills a few rooms, I need more ideas!

Wow, two help posts in the same day…

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dungeon? well, maybe you could have a lore room if you feel like having lore in your game (maybe an abandoned room with obvious signs of life BEFORE).

anyways i need to go

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Any more ideas? I know that @ eiqcrmeliutgwhc is gone, (I didn’t want to ping him)

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how about a section where you have to knockout a certain amount of sentries to progress to the next stage in a certain amount of time?

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Maybe make crates that you can destroy and get a randomized thing!

Add KillStreaks and Special Attacks.

yeah you can use my guide to make a spell type thing

Special attacks are not possible unless I want to place the specail attack this everywhere in the duneon

I’ll check it out.

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maybe only make the spells on bosses and stuff like that

Cool! I have a poll though:

  • make a horror room
  • make a randomized crate room
  • make a timed sentry killing room
  • All of the above
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Is the poll’s answer just going to be “All of the above”?

I just want to know so that I can close it if the answer is yes

Yeah, most likely. Add Easter eggs!

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Okay, I’ll add easter eggs too!


I will build all this stuff now, so I won’t be on for a while

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Can someone please link a guide about making a randomized item crate? I don’t know block code well.

This is an easier way without blockcode.

So how it works is there is Teleporter A.

Now, make Teleporter B’s.
Make more till the randomized events you have meets the number of Teleporter Bs.

Your settings should be like these:

Teleporter A:

Group = A

Target = B
Telepprter B

Group = B

Target = None

Now, wire the button to Teleporter A.
It will choose a random teleporter from teleporter b to go to.
Now, connect the teleporters to item granters.

Note: With more items, blockcode is more memory-efficient.
You also have to make sure the teleporters are next to the crate or the player will be teleported out and that doesn’t look very nice.

Thank you! I needed this.

I also don’t if it has block code as long as it’s explained. (P.S: is there a guide on this, I can’t hear the video.)

You can turn on captions or just follow the instructions.