Ideas are needed for my dungeon

Thanks for the sudgesions! (typo.) Quick question though: How do I make a thing where if a button is pressed, you lose cash. But if the button is pressed again, you gain cash, if it’s pressed again you lose cash again, and if it’s pressed again, you gain cash again. (You get the point.) I need this for a trick randomizer to go along with the real one.

Ummm im good with randomizers cna you explain more?? the last bit threw me off…

Also i have guide on randomizers easy that might help

Can you link me the guide?

I think that still uses blockcode…

It is the only way but easy way…I can video the process tomarrow (its getting late)…Whatever is easier

Thank you!

No prob…I like working with randomizers so ask me more and explain more depth and i can prob help more.

uh i think i know how…

  1. grab two buttons, item granters, and a wire repeater. make sure one button is deactivated on game start.
  2. wire the not-deactivated-on-game-start button to the wire repeater (button pressed>repeat wire pulse) and to the item granter (button pressed>grant item). this item granter should be a negative one to subtract cash.
  3. wire the wire repeater back to the button you wired it to (when the repeater receives a pulse…>deactivate button).
  4. now wire the wire repeater to the other button (when the repeater receives a pulse…>activate button).
  5. wire the button you just wired to the other item granter. it should grant a positive number of cash. now the negative granting cash button is gone so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

now i gtg right now

I’ve made it already. Great guide by the way, @Legobuilder!

Now I just have to add easter eggs! I’ll mark a solution.

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