How to make a wizard type spell game (difficulty: 3/10 or 🟩 )

Hey so in the guide I will be teaching you how to make a spell (difficulty: 3/10 :green_square: : )

Okay so I know what you’re thinking, “what in the world do you mean?”

How I would answer that is, “Just read” Because after you read this guide you will be making cool spell games left and right, so lets begin

Chapter 1 The “Cool Down”

So what we are trying to do here is to make a spell, so like basically make a sentry turn on and off for like a second who is on your team, therefore the sentry or the, “spell” will attack bad sentries.

(sorry if this is a bit confusing, everything will make sense soon)

Before we can make that there has to be a cool down because you know, then you would be casting spells like every second so what we will do is make a game overlay that is there once game is started and is a button, name it whatever you like, I will name mine “FireBall” ex. shown below

Cant crop, so just look at top right

now that’s done but wait, of course the button doesn’t to anything, so now we will make an item granter wired up to the “FireBall” or the game overlay

The Item that will give to the player can literally be any ingredient, I will use a red fish, because… why not, lol.

Ok so now the button will give a fish, buuutttt then you could just spam the button which will leave with lag and we just don’t want that, so for the solution we will need to add 2 wire repeaters in the mix. so wire up the game overlay with the 1st wire repeater and then add another wire repeater with both of the wire repeaters wired together, set the 2nd wire to like 4 seconds (it could really be any amount of seconds, it really doesn’t matter) and wire up the 2nd wire repeater to the game overlay, making it appear, go back to the 1st wire repeater and wire it up to the game overlay, making it disappear. Ex. Pic below

Okay so now you have a perfectly functioning button with a cool down!

CHAPTER 2 The sentries

“Okay, cool, I just made a game overlay that gives me a fish… Why again?”

That is a common question that most of my friends say when I teach them this but they always get it after I explain this chapter

The goal of this chapter is to make a good sentry (A.K.A Your Spell) that can attack a bad sentry

(if you are clueless of what im saying right now please just hang with me here, this can get a little complicated)

So what you want for this chapter is:

  1. Three sentries

Now with your three sentries place them like shown below:

you don’t have to name the sentries “good guy and bad guy” by the way XD

Now put the spells on team 1 or else they’ll attack YOU instead! Also make the spells have fastest firing speed and MAX accuracy, the sentries should also be deactivated at start of game

Now grab your vending machine and two wire repeaters 'cuz your gonna need 'em!

CHAPTER 3 The spell

What you’ll want for this chapter is:

  1. Two wire repeaters
  2. Vending machine
  3. Text

Now place down your vending machine next to the “bad guy” and make the vending machine not visible in game, and set the range to a good width, now make the vending machine cost the ingredient that you used at the beginning, so for me it is “Red Fish”

grab your text and put it over the vending machine, the text should be the name of your spell, in my case, “FireBall”

now grab your two wire repeaters and slap ‘em somewhere on yo’ map!
(recommended to put it somewhere close to the sentries F.Y.I :wink:)

now you should have two wire repeaters, for the 1st wire repeater the delay should be at 0.0 seconds and for the 2nd wire repeater the delay should be 1.0 seconds If it isn’t 1 second it won’t work (ALTHOUGH, if one second doesn’t work its because of the weapon you chose, so if it doesn’t work try higher seconds or lower)

  1. now connect the vending machine to the 1st wire repeater
  2. make the 1st wire repeater wire to both spell sentries, activating them
  3. make the 1st wire repeater wire up to the 2nd wire repeater
  4. make the 2nd wire repeater connect to the 2 spells, deactivating them

ex. picture of all those steps below:

Now you know how to make a spell!! NOTE: you can make the spell sentries anywhere, you could add like 100 spells if you want to, be creative!

Also, the codes are expired on the top of the pics so yeah :smiley:

thank you for your time, and I hoped you learned something new!

-Aubec7, out!



Wow! I never would’ve thought of this. Great guide!

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please tell me if there are any bugs or mistakes

Nice guide! I changed the difficulty to match this forum’s standard difficulty system. Also, this is definitely not a :red_square:, because those guides have **intense block coding, device systems, time, and mechanics. For example:


@Aubec7 I don’t think the length of a guide decides it’s difficulty.
Some guides might just have lots of explanations like Im_Pretty_Cool’s calculator guide, but actually, it’s not that hard.

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  • 2/10
  • 3/10
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updated, thanks for letting me know! :smiley:


imagine doing this and then realizing each sentry is 0.5% memory

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ahhhh I flew into a tree and it made a bump! sound


wdym? im saying that the sentries would take up extreme amounts of memory, especially if you’re going to use this a lot in your game

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This is why I refuse to use sentries. 0.5-1% for an artificial player? Nah, I have mechanics to make.


I made a game out of this so Idk what your talking about ( yes, it did cost a lot of memory but I did it )

My new bump :wink:

Nice guide, I love it!