I want to learn more

I’ve been on the forums for quite a while now and I have been mostly that guy that gives the simple solutions like how to wire things. I like doing that as it helps people but I want to learn more myself. I want to learn more about properties and blockcode. I just want to learn more on stuff like that. Does anyone have any ideas on guides that I could read to improve my knowledge on the more challenging stuff?
(I know Riptide just made something like this, it’s a coincidence in timing)

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Here is an introduction to block code:

I would recommend trying to make some sort of simple game like rock paper scissors, where each user inputs something, and then block code is used to see which one won.


What about properties? Also, is there anything else other than blockcode and properties?

Avoiding using blocks is also a good place to start.

Properties are explained in the guide
As for stuff other than block code, quantum mechanics I guess

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? What do you mean?

Like using devices in place of blocks…

Yes, but there’s some things that block code is really useful for, that can’t be recreated as easily with other systems

I’ve already learned all the devices besides Property

You might want to move this to help… Also Congrats on TL3!


Read the guide- it explains what a property is and how you can interact with it through code

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I still don’t understand much about blockcode. Like, for example, I do I add my own personal text like Triggering Player’s Name Have entered.

Okay, I have a few questions

  1. Is there a guide on the cool floor level thing
  2. How do I add my own text to blockcode like “name” entered?

for the second one it would be through blockcode on the text/overlay/popup with
Set content name
Create text with
triggering players name
" entered"
The last one is a text block

What do you mean by cool floor level thing?

IKR, @GimSolver! I’m like that, too!

OK, being back on-topic. There are several guides that can help!

I mean like layers on terrain.

That’s simple lol. Just use layering. Click which layer you want and adjust it. Simple. Default is middle 3.

Also to make the text say your name, all you need to do is add block code like this:


It is probably the easiest to do…