I need some ideas for dodgeball game

I have made a dodgeball game and I have it all set up and it looks very well done, I have also made an update to it including more Christmas-like stuff. But I want more and I need some ideas on what more to add to my game.

This similar topic might give you ideas

Maybe add power-ups like speed or something

Were we just playing blastball together @Jacob ?

Idk, maybe, cause I was just playing it.

idk tho, cause I was using the snowman skin, and i was using the candy trail…

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Oh cool Yeah maybe add a speed upgrade or lives

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ok ill take that into notice

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Lives would be most likely a better thing because I already gave each team more speed when they spawn in.

make it so when you get a boost for 30 sec for killing a person

ok if you guys got any more things you need to say, then PLEASE do.

You could make a hidden door or smthing to like idk collected dodgeballs to throw?