Gimkit Creative Baseball Map

I am looking for a guide on how to make baseball in Gimkit Creative. If anyone would be willing, could you make a baseball game mode and then make it into a Community Made Guides? Thank You!

That would be really difficult to make.

Making a baseball game is not impossible but just very tedious. You would need a lot of coordinate systems and how about catching the
ball? Gims can’t stop props from moving through them as there is a new one being deactivated all over and over

That would be really hard. Throwing could be shooting.


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We would also have to animate the baseball being thrown once destroyed (thrown to the enemy team) And the players could also shoot other players

Do you mean baseball? And yeah. Maybe no. Because the only way to detect a shot is if the person dies.

Yeah I meant baseball but also the basketball prop because it’s the closest we have to a ball

Yeah. We could use a circular barrier though.

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use a snowball launcher, it moves.

Yeah, but we also need to consider the 3rd dimension. It needs to go over some people.

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make them the same team, it will go through them then.

Ok, but what about the catching mechanic?

well no, but could you use 7 round barriers in a strait line that are invisable until a button is triggerd and 1will light up then go out and the next on the line will light up, (do this on repeat). And the last one be in the spot were the ball is caught?

Man, having an entire hitting mechanism, along with a catching system and a way to count strikes, outs, and score. This would be a very interesting game to see.


True, and it would take some time but is definitly possible.

There are a couple of different mechanics that you need for this,
Having the player hit the ball.
Having a catch system + might be hard on the (snowball?) if you use it to be picked up and thrown again.

To hit the ball, press a button that activates a one shot prop. Then you get a launcher to throw the snowball back with your bat.

Is there a way for snowballs to not despawn?

No, that i don’t beleive is a thing yet.