Can you show how to make a soccer game?

Can anyone please help me make a soccer game?

That would be very tedious, but not impossible.
For now, look at this post:

Welcome to the forum! Currently, I don’t think this is possible, but maybe someone who is smarter could do it.

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It’s not impossible, it’s completely gimpossible!

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I’m not saying it can’t be done, I am not very good with technical things like Gimkit Quantum Mechanics or blocks. Someone could and should totally do this. Maybe with the graphing calculators Blackhole and mysz made this could be done. and as I said in my previous post someone smarter could do it, like Blackhole or mysz (and probably you).
Sorry for the misunderstandiing

If I’m coming off angry, sorry

also does Gimpossible mean possible

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It’s actually easy to make moving objects, just wait until my next guide.

Gimpossible means impossible.

What you could do is have a tag zone that has a wide radius, and if a player goes inside the tag zone on your team, you can pass the “ball”. If your in the goal zone, you can “shoot”. If you get close enough to the person with the ball on the opposing team, you could steal if they don’t pass. All of this is possible, and maybe not even that hard?

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Ahh, I was overthinking it. I was thinking of using a bunch of (nerd) trigonometry and trajectories, but that sounds much easier. Maybe a tagzone, a timer, a floag, and some overlays should work.

You could use a similar system to this.

Welcome to the community @GoofyIzzyGuy!

Welcome to the forum @GoofyIzzyGuy!

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