How to make a Hidden Door! [Difficulty: 4/10]

This could or could not be useful. Who knows? Maybe for you it’s not a hidden door! It’s just a door that opens. Well, it could be either. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Get the door you want. I personally chose a bookshelf.

  2. Get 2 triggers in FRONT of the bookshelf and wire the triggers to the bookshelf. [Triggered- Hide Prop]. Make sure in the trigger settings this is only for player and is triggered by touching it!

  3. Behind the bookshelf or door, the whole hidden area, add a zone that covers it. Now wire that zone to the bookshelf/door. [Player enters zone- Show prop]

  4. We still want the players to get out right? (Unless you want them to be trapped for all eternity follow this step) Add a button at the end of the room. The title should be ‘Open Door to leave’. Wire the button to the bookshelf/door. [Button Pressed-Hide Prop]

  5. Outside the area, add a button. A teeny lil button. Add a small little zone around it. Make the button message ‘Close Door’ and it should not be visible in game.

  6. In the zone make sure its active on game start and when a player leaves the zone, add a channel for that. I made my channel called ‘byebutton’.

  7. Now go into you’re button’s (uh, what’s the word here?? oh right…) SETTINGS and go to channels. Under activate button put the same channel you put for the zone.

  8. We’re at the last STEP. Wire the Zone to the button.[Player leaves zone-Deactivate button] Wire the button to the bookshelf.[Button Pressed- Show Prop]

That’s all! Thanks for looking! Here is the result. Also please vote the difficult below!

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This is good!

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Thank you, @KingT-Race !

Nice Guide!

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Nice job…also btw it shows the name so if that is your actual name i would mark it off or blur it… i mean i had to change gimkit profile name to my forum account so people did not see my name.

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It’s not my actual name, but thanks for the concern, @Legobuilder !

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They used a video to gif converter.
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No one voted 11/10 @KingT-Race , unless they changed it. Anyways, nice guide!

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You use the video to gif converter and when you’re making it you see that little image? Click on that and get you’re gif.

Great guide!

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