I need ideas... i'm blank

I am making a game, and its called, " The secrets of Blue harbor. " and I need ideas, because its one small Island, but big at the same time. I need to know what to add to it, for it looks quite blank. Any ideas?

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Maybe, crates using boxes, as if someone was there before…
Palm trees,
Create some coconuts
dense foliage and some rivers

Its pixelating (use :space_invader: (emoji looks different outside forums) and if you go through you must go through a pixelated world of pixel monsters to make it to the terminal to reset yourself.

You could make a waterfall with barrier art.

You could make a haunted forest.
You could make a random shack.
You could make a beach.
You could make a area where you can “Build”

These are just some slight examples.

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You could make hints of a previous city with odd black red and yellow flags… (Up and down, in that order) Or my poetry, whatever.

Actually, I will give some poetry, now let me think…

you could use buildings from here The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder
or game functions like this Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

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maybe you could add trees, wildlife even?

no way, tiny huge island from Mario 64?
(now that I think about it that would be an interesting idea in gimkit)


Bomb Bomb lsland Docks

I can show what I got so far. Here:
Screenshot 2024-02-23 8.24.53 AM
But there is more… its too hard to get though

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Ok, I need story line for poetry, whaddya got?

You need the lore of the story?

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Ja, I do.

So it looks small but there are more places in the island than it seems it could hold?
if so that would be relatively easy with teleporters, kind of difficult without teleporters.

Are there mini-areas?

Hey, you could make a library, but make one of the bookshelves not have player collision and put a zone that teleports them to a room where they have to put in a code from which they should have found in the other areas of the island that bring them to a secret bunker…
if you need help with me explaining that better, let me know

@Roberta yes there are mini areas so it looks like you are in one of the buildings. And, there are teleporters that teleport you to where you need to go.

Lore of game

So, one day, picture this. You are in a lobby, waiting for the ship to set sail. Then, when you arrive, there is nobody. The place is broken down. You are walking to the mayor, as he is asking tasks on what for you to do. But, things aren’t the same. Everything starts to fall apart and you only have 30 minutes before its all over. You find why people left, and it’s because of a giant monster. You soon realize the mistake you have made.

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so is it like the way i asked you in my earlier post?

I got to go for a few minutes because I am taking a test. Brb in a few, cant reply…

“Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
What secrets do you keep?
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
What comes out when I sleep?
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
Rivers wide and palm trees steep
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
The deathly mayor keep
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
What has happened what will be?
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
A monster of the sea
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
I will upkeep the peace
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
And try to survive the piece
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
The thing that steels fleece
Blue Harbor Blue Harbor
Help me…”-The Insomniac

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