I need ideas for my fishing and farming map

what should i add to my fishing and farming map? any ideas?

A crafting table.

Here is a guide that might help:


Can you specify? (As in props, or devices)

Btw, that link doesn’t work.

@GimSolver, it says the page doesn’t exist or is private…

great what about fishing

Maybe you can make like a boat dock?

Here’s a page about it - https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/tag/farmchain and https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/tag/fishtopia

already have a boat dock.

Maybe make it similar to fishtopia?

Add some props, like a forest around the lake.

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Use this guide - Fall Map Idea! [ Difficulty: ⬜ ]

Herer’s a few more guides - Recreating Fishtopia Completely [Difficulty: 6/10 🟧] and How to make the Fishtopia fishing pool/pond

i need some power up crafting ideas THX

Use the solution on this Is it possible to craft properties? and then make the property give you a powerup (The property will need to be true/false)

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