How to make the Fishtopia fishing pool/pond

Credits to @Cryptoraider_Gemkit and @Nasou44

Now, we should all know the Fishtopia gamemeode. If you somehow don’t know it, then it’s pretty much a game where you catch fish to sell them for cash. Today, I’m going to recreate the fishing mechanic and how to catch different fish.

Making The Pond “Fishable”

Now, the first thing we’d need to do is to make a pond that we can fish in. In order to do this, We’ll need only ONE device; a button.

Use the terrain tab to add a body of water, in any shape. Make sure that the water you’re adding is a wall type.

Once you do that, add a button device, and place it “over” the water. Then, go into the settings, and change the featured settings to the customization shown below. Also, click the change size button, and widen the radius to interact with the button.

Now, we have a pool that we can fish in.

Coding The Fishing Mechanic

Now that we have completed our first part, we need to make a mechanic for the item granting so that we can catch more than one fish from one pond (gray, green, red, etc.). We’ll need these devices:

  • Trigger (x1)
  • Popup (x4)
  • Item Granter (x4)

First, add in a trigger device, and wire it up to the already existing button. This should work like so;

(BUTTON PRESSED ==> TRIGGER), or, in other words, the trigger device will be triggered when the player “fishes.” Next, we want to head into the trigger’s options menu and click the “BLOCKS” tab. If done correctly, your screen should look like this:

Now, click on the “When triggered” option to enter the block coding space. In here, we’re going to make a randomizer to decide what fish we’ll get. Replicate the picture shown below, using parts. You’ll have to do some digging, but you’ll get it eventually.

Once you have that, exit the block coding screen and the option screen for the trigger. Add in 4 popup devices. Enter them one by one, and edit the options accordingly as shown below (do the top one first, and choose a different popup device for the next one).

Once you’ve done those, go into the Call To Action ribbon, and do this to all of them on the same tab:

Now, put the item granters behind the popup devices, and edit them so that they each have a gray fish, green fish, red fish, and blue fish (all in the order I typed, they must have this done separately).

Once you do this, wire them up like this, (POPUP CLOSED ==> ITEM GRANTED) as shown.

Lastly, wire up all the popups to the trigger so that they work like this; (PRIMARY CALL TO ACTION CLICKED ==> TRIGGER). This can make it so that when the player chooses to fish again, the randomizer restarts.

Now we have made the Fishtopia fishing mechanic!


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