How to make a fishing minigame! Difficulty : 🟧

Here is how to make a fishing minigame in your game!

- Step 1 -

Build the area where you are going to fish in.
As an example, here is a pier.
Screenshot 2024-02-02 17.58.23

- Step 2 -

Create a button and make sure the hitbox is within the fishing area. This button is your “fishing button”. For this guide, I will use channels, not wires. Create a channel that broadcasts when you press the button. For the example, I will use the channel “fishTrigger”. You should probably make your button invisible.

Make a button similar to this one

- Step 3 -

Create however many types of fishes you want -for this example I will use 8. Then, create as many channels as fishes, and each channel corresponds to each fish.
Screenshot 2024-02-02 17.59.31

- Step 4-

Create an empty item granter, and don’t put items in there unless you want to decrease your bait or something. (This guide does not include bait as mandatory)
Go to the blocks section, and click on “when receiving on channel” then the channel you created in step 2.

- Step 5-

Now put blocks in there. You can follow a randomizer tutorial or just copy these blocks. Use different chances and add or subtract blocks as needed. This is just an example.

- Step 6 -

Improvise, and personalize this fishing system!
If you want to add bait, go ahead!
If you want to do anything, go ahead!

- Finished -

And you are done!


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