How to make a fishing system

sort of its not completely a fishing system as it only gives 1 kinda a fish

1st place an item give connect it to a button then increase that buttons range of interaction to where you don’t need to go in the water but need to go near enough. Then if you want make a selling system. buy just making a vendor and having fish be the price.
Edit: make the item giver invisable.


Would you mind extending the guide and giving instructions for the player to make the building with?

ok ill do that right now

Btw, the idea tag is for people asking for game ideas

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oh ok sorry i wont put in the idea tag then

Nice job! I suggest creating the entire fishing system, as the title may be a bit misleading. I suggest reading over these guide:


This is easy tho

Not sure why you would bump this guide, but yeah, it’s easy.
I mean, it’s not like you can’t but it’s-- a duplicate…