How to make loot-tables (Difficulty: Easy 🟩 )

How to make Loot-tables

Difficulty: [Easy :green_square: ]
Made By: Nasou44

Devices Needed
  • Item Granter Device (Use as many as you need for each loot table)
  • Button or a sentry

Step 1. Setting Up Devices

Click the Item granter, and use the settings as follows:

  • Item to grant > “whatever you want your item to be”
  • Amount to grant > 0

(Repeat this step for how many items you want in your loot table.)

Step 2. Making The Loot Tables

Click the item granter and create a new “When receiving on channel” block.
Make the channel name.
(For this example, the channel name I made is Loottable_box)
and copy the block code below

(set the random integers to what you want)

Step 3. Connecting to your choice of a button press or a sentry death

If you are using a button, use the following settings on the button:

  • When button pressed transmit on > “your loottable channel name”

If you are using a sentry, use the following settings on the sentry

  • When sentry knocked out, transmit on > “your loottable channel name”


Loot-tables can be used for many things, like dungeon crawlers, survival games and battle royal type games. You can also use it in my other tutorial on making a custom inventory found here > How to make a custom inventory (Difficulty: :yellow_square:), you just need to not use the item giver.

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