Is it possible to craft properties?

Is it possible to craft properties? A solution would be very grateful.

Could you specify what you mean?

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Yep. Use a random item that you don’t use in your real game and make a crafting recipe for that. Track whenever you have that item and set a property (and delete the item from the player’s inventory) once they have it.

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Is it possible with out an item?
Edit : Never mind I get it, thanks @cr1sis

Just asking is it possible to use other properties to craft?

With my understanding, it requires items.

Thanks @getrithekd! :+1:

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Do you know if you can change the name? Like instead of craft (item name) it would say craft (property name).

You probably can’t do that.

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You can’t, it would be cool if we could craft custom items though.

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