I Need Ideas for a current GKC map, a new GKC map and answers to a few questions/

I need ideas on how to upgrade my Minecraft like GKC game, I also need some ideas for a new GKC game. My questions are 1. When is platforming going to be free? 2. How many plays does your map need to be in the trending section? Thanks!

Both of your questions have been made into topics like 20 million times blud. Use the search feature.
What is in your Minceraft GKC game so far? (don’t advertise).
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Since you’ve already made this topic, here are some answers:

  1. Next season. Sometime around august.
  2. Around 1,000. I got in with 900 I think.

but please search before you post. Mark solution.

  1. I had the same question and others said that it just has to be more than most people’s games’ plays

Going off your previous topic: Minecraft Desert Temple Help - Help - Gimkit Creative
I made the inside of the desert temple, what would be the terracotta are barriers, there is a camera view, sand and dynamic sand terrain, and four stone pillars, although it would be wise to experiment with barrier pillars.
Orange-Red terracotta RGB: 119 112 37
Purple terracotta RGB: 77 20 123
Stone pillars RGB: 221 199 85

One other thing you can do with this is add buttons where the red circles are labeled dig down, when clicked you are teleported to the chest area but if you dig down on the Purple Terracotta you explode, if you wanted to make it even more cool you can make a +n+ exploding animation.

Simple chest design:
4 barriers:
2 black
1 light gray
1 Brown, RGB: 142 92 21


Minecraft current map?

Weather, by using random numbers (trigger code).
Hunger, by using counter-timers
Sheild as armor
Sandbox game?