I need help with a thumbnail for a Gimong us map

I need help with a Gimong us map

Look at this link

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I meant I need help with a Gimong us map thumbnail

request here.
(May need to scroll up a bit)

I can do it for you!

Some of my work:

Reply to me if you accept me doing a thumbnail for you


Hey I went up against you in the secret garden thumbnail but yess I accept you doing a thumbnail for me

I cant see any of the other pictures

Huh, Okay nice
Just give me more information

Gim hitting another gim with a snowball ex.

Huh. Okay.
I tried.

so do I need specific gims

Ya artist like it when you give them gim because they know that you will like the thumbnail

I would like to help i have made a thumbnail like this before

Screenshot 2024-02-28 2.33.30 PM

ok thanks

But what gims do you want?

if you need people to do thumbnails for you:
GO HERE!! - we’re trying to reduce thumbnail clutter posts!

and here:

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I want a space background with gims looking through a window at the imposter gim with a text saying Clover was the imposter with the clover gim just floating there looking all mad


  • Clover
  • Puffer
  • Rainbow Wave
  • Vordon
  • Sunset Diamond
  • Blueprint
  • Shamrock Sam
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No I mean like how they are placed and what you want the background to look like

I want a space background with the gims looking out a window at the imposter

like this but please just please upgrade this

Okay I can do that for you!