I need help with a thumbnail for a Gimong us map

wait @Random_dude123 make it kinda like mini game archade one

I am doing it for somebody else

sry, just a suggestion

No, I can do it just sayin

Here is what i have so far (i had to improvise with the blueprint gim)

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yeah can you try to make it to where all of them are facing towards the clover gim

Im going to do that how does the blueprint gim look?

messed up

Maybe add Airheart exploding in space? Cause planes do that…

i can help with this here is some of my other work:
Untitled image (9)
(still working on this one)

Untitled image (9)


YES please

Here is the finished product I have to change the name and stuff but the gims are done

How is it @Nature_Boy_Drama16 ?

Awesome! How did you do that?!

I put all the gims lined up together and used canva to draw some of them to make them look backwards.

can I make one?
my gimkit notifications and fanart (nominations in the GK awards will be greatly appreciated!) etc:

Ooooh! I like that one!

Sooooo cool!

just put one among us pic and put gims instead of amonguses. hehe

oop- I’ll make one later today so this can close, because thumbnail requests are kinda against the rules now

if you need help with thumbnail. I can help. just go to the padlethttps://padlet.com/BananaBunny/gimkit-thumbnail-padlet-fj2nw8l9tabt1am5 and go to the thumbnail makers section, scroll down untill you see a picture of 2 duck gims. if you want to see my work before then click my profile then click the link in my profile