I need help with a randomizer

i am trying to make it where when you press a button it has a certain percent chance of teleporting you someplace, but i don’t know how to do this?

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This should help

You place teleporters down in different locations, then have them all be teleported from the same teleprter(use the channels). You can’t make them randomize from each one, just from one. If that makes any sense.

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no it dose not make sense can you dum it for me

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what dose this have to do with randomizer

How to make randomizer :orange_square:
Maybe this guide will work? :arrow_double_up:

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so place 3 teleporters, have the first one be the main one. Have its “teleport to” channel be 1. and have all the rest(teleporter 2 and 3) have the setting “teleported from” be channel 1, so it will randomize which one you go to. but you can only make it randomized if it does not teleport back to the main one.

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i will try that thanks

You are randomizing the teleportation.

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