I need help to decide something

So I’m on the fine line of I should do a pop up shop, where every item is available, and you can buy from there, or…

A randomized popup shop. Gives you 6 options to choose from, and randomized every minute. I just don’t know how to make it. But help me choose!

  • Nah, remove RNG! Let the shop be free! (It rhymes!)
  • RNG! It can help add to the luck of the game, making it different every time!
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But yeah, if u don’t know what RNG stands for, its random number generation. I will use integer randomization to solve that.

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Why not? Extra things in a game are almost always better (don’t correct me).

wait, wym by why not?

I mean, why not have the RNG?

To remove clutter. It already has 8 votes, including me even. And its all on RNG.

So, yeah! The RNG problem is now done! RNG wins! Thanks for the ideas!

Now I need to find out how to even randomize it… because I’m clueless now from here…

Go here or here!

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I’m somewhat good with randomizing, I have done it in the past, but I don’t know how I would do it with the pop up shop. Like I need to add the call to actions, but how could I randomize that?

Make all the numbers broadcast on a different channel. Each channel opens a different popup

So where it says brodcast message on channel option 1

Open a popup when receving option 1

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RNG could make a unique shop like the item shop in the reward section.

Ok. I will make it set so that when they don’t want that, they can click the next button to go to the next pop up, which should be not randomized, so example.

I will use P as my variable. P=Popup

P1 Opens, player doesn’t want it. They close it.
P2 is a set pop up. when P1 close, they open up.

How could I make it start randomizing every so often? Could I use a trigger that after every 60 seconds happens maybe? And could I make the same thing take up multiple randomized integers to make the better ones more rare?

I’m gonna have lots of integers randomized, but I’m gonna add a inventory for stuff, like I’m gonna make it you need a legendary blue print and a quantum portal blue print to make something, to make it harder to get. but thank you for the help!

You said you don’t know how to make it, so here is a simple enough explanation (couldn’t find the right guide, credit to the creator)


First of all, we need to make the randomizer. For this, I would suggest going to blocks in a trigger. Now, add the “broadcast message on channel” block. Now, connect to the right of that block these blocks in order:
shop (text block)
round down
(Seconds into game) divided by (60)

This basically sends out the minute the game is on. Now, theoretically, we need 60 shop options, 1 each minute, but you don’t need it. On to part two!


Now, we need as many pop ups as items. Each pop up should have the following format:
Open when receiving on shop_____ (number that is possible). Each pop up should have a different number. Now, go to the call to action section and make two options:

  1. Buy
    Channel: buy item ____ (same number, connect it to an item granter, I assume you can do that)
  2. Close
    Channel: empty (just leave the box empty)

That should work! If it doesn’t, its probably because I haven’t been on Gimkit Creative in a while.

Alright! Thank you too!

the legendary here_to_help is here to help! crazy! I looked at your guide over the summer cause I was working on a battle royale map, so thanks for that too! Your a pretty cool person!

The guides some thing where you drop your inventory on knock out, but it said its glitchy, so.

But I think, in conclusion, I will just use the randomize integer, with Rand_Number, and whatever it lands on, ex, Rand_Numb5, The popup with that will be opened, with its own set game overlay. So it can show randomized pop up shop, and when you open it, it will have its things. I will work on how it will change, but thanks for the information!

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Thanks! Also, I am not legendary, second which guide? I am assuming you mean Monopoly?
But lets stay on topic. Does it work for you? (Reply when you test it out)

Ok. solved. I will use the channel Next Randomization, so it will disappear when that happens, and will start the randomization from the trigger. I like getting a basic idea of how to do it, then start on doing it myself, so I can help teach myself and become better! But once again, thank you all for the information! I will start to close this post now.

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