I need help making a mechanic for my quest

So I want to make mechanical stabby arms come from the ceiling and if you get hit, you die, I know it will involve lasers, my question is how would I do the animation, and also how would I make the laser alternate like if I have 5 arms or lasers, and if I wanted the front, middle, and back ones to go at the same time, and the two in-between ones to go at a separate time

You could make pixelart get activated and you could just use Zone > Respawn to kill the player but you could use the lasers for the arms.

you could recreate it with this link How to Make Animation | Difficulty: 🟧
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that would work for the animation, how would I make the alternating lasers, I will assume it requires the laser beam manager


Combine @Penguin101’s post with this guide

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Is there an updated guide using laser beam managers, I really want to start using them, they seem fun and difficult to use, since I don’t really use lasers that much

I think there is a way, but there are no guides on it and I don’t know how.
I’m sorry, I’m stupid lol

I will test some way, and report back to you

maybe this?

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maybe ask some experienced users like @Thats_Gimpossible

Is this still unresolved?

You know Thats_Gimpossible isn’t the only user that can help? Anyone can.

I tried the guide you requested, It not working

Nvm, it worked for a little bit, then stoped

What is the issue?

Did you wire the repeaters to all the lasers and did the deactivating relay come first?
It should work.
Try redoing it and debugging your setup.

it goes for a little bit, then stops completely

You need to make the stop strategy be after broadcasting on a channel but don’t actually put a channel

I did, but I will check setting again

Ok, it good now, one was on spot after time

Nvm, it still stops, all of the setting are correct i think