I need easter egg ideas

@VWOOM I have a Battle Royale map, and I want to add a couple of easter eggs to it. If anyone else wats to help, feel free.

I don’t even have to explain things. You can just look most stuff up:


You rang? I heard my name.

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what is the theme of ur battle royale map?

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Bluebay’s gimkit battle royale

Yup, I need some easter egg ideas.

wdym bluebay?

that happens to be my username

oh right
im blind
crap um
but the theme?
blah blah

Alright, what kind of easter eggs are we working on? What is the backround, and is it poetry? Because if so I will not fail. If you waste my time, I have other things to do to be frank.

Many of them. It’s like fortnite with different POIs

Any inside joke or poetry you want really. It’s hard to show you my map without advertising.

maybe you can have a certain easter egg unique for that certain area

code sharing
i can let you in

jst make sure to delete your code after you’re done. or else the bounty hunter will strike

Well, I could care less about advertising, I need to know what I am working with!

Use props and visible devices in a fun way that looks totally unique and YOU.

Not meaning to sound authoritative…

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Ok, I’ll link in in my bio. One sec.

I liked it in my bio. Make sure to remove the “-“

Nope, does not work. Just describe it.