I am recreating the og fortnite map in gkc

It is going to be miniature but it is going to be a battle royale mode. any suggestions for what i should add?

Maybe some loot crates. Also, you should put the ideas tag on this.

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Wow, sounds like a really fun map idea! Here’s some guides that may help:

My suggestion is to taken the Fortnite lore, and change up some things to match Gimkit more!


I have never seen this in any GKC fortnite games, but if possible, a battle bus?

@Haiasi , I might buy the season ticket for you for christmas.

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I think that’d be possible using Popups and Teleporters.

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that would surely be difficult but if you have ideas on how to do so be sure to let me know

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I don’t know this but @wolftechnology know about this


also haiasi, that’s cool that you’re going to maryland.
I have never been anywhere in years. Hope you enjoy. :smiley:


Thanks for the mension @2029bensonVin, but yes I have played fortnite and am decent at it, and I also own a battle bus in rocket league, so I can get a pretty decent scetch drawn out for you soon, if that would be alright.


that would be perfect could you do an up down view in gimkit for reference?

like third person? I could try but the top down modes make it hard to make a top down prop.

just like the top of a battle bus

ok yeah i can do that, but I would have to have more time because making a side view will take about 10-15 minutes, and angled top view will take about and hour. Yes stuff like this really does take that long.

okay thank you i think how im gonna do it is slap it in the middle of the map and make barriers drop at a random time then you can jump off and the bus will disappear

yeah, to do that you just make a the barriers despawn after so long of game start and you respawn players at POI’s so it looks like they jumped out.

that sounds difficult do you know how i would be able to send them to a random poi

If you are trying to make a fortnite mode, I recommend adding weapons, duh. But since guns aren’t a thing in gimkit (I don’t know why they would add guns tho) just use like the quantum portal and such.


By making the before game spawner in the bus and by making it when game starts spawn players at the locations on your map that you can call POI’s.

could you link a tutorial for that?

Or use this guide and make them activate checkpoints and respawn you but make sure to take account for ACO! (Advanced Channel Order)

ok i can’t find a guide, maybe other scan, but if you place a device called a spawner in side where you wish the bus to be, click the device and you will see its settings, then make the set player spawn setting “pre-game’” and place another spawner on the main part of the map and set it to “game”. you can do that as many times as you want for all locations.