How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩

What exactly do you mean?

like for the leaderboard cause they can see who on the leaderboard

Maybe disable the leaderboard in map options

disabling the leaderboard works

Would It be able to switch additional players to the “imposter” team? If so, since it’s cooperative, would the tag zone device allow for the “imposter” team to tag team 1? I would test this in my own world, but for now, I am limited due to ceretain issues, plus, I think the community could benefit from the experiment being run publicly.

you may have to read this bug

Oh wait yeah. That might be a problem

We’ll need to find a way around that.

If you triggered the random relay and team switcher again, this time for a random player on specific team (I think that’s an option, I can’t check right now) then it will pick another crewmate to become an imposter.

The issue is, that the leaderboard can never truly be hidden, hence the link to the bug page.

Does anyone know how to make it so only one person on team 2 starts with a zapper

Relay for all players on team 2, and wire that to an item granter

Should we just change the title to “How to make one random player be on a different team?” At this point it’s the most frequently asked question lol.

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I like this idea, but I based the guide text off of among us and I can’t edit the guide text anymore.

People at trust level 3 can edit it

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No, the guide text.

Oh nvm

I shoot the player with the Evil Eye but when they die, I also die.

Um, you shouldn’t be using weapons for among us. Use this instead:

If they want to use weapons, it’s slightly easier now due to the killing feed being able to be removed. There’s still a chance the imposter misses though, so I would say tagging is still better.