How to put a waypoint on every player in the game!


This is a quick mini guide on how to put a waypoint on every player in the game, like so:

Without further ado, lets get started!

Step 1: Grab a lifecycle. This makes sure that whatever we are doing happens at the START of the game.

Step 2: Place down a relay. For this mechanic, we want the relay to be random (option 4). Wire the lifecycle to the relay, so on game start, the relay relays.

Step 3: Place down a checker. The checker should check if the amount of item (in my case, I’ll use gold keys) equals 1. Wire the relay to the checker, so when the relay relays, the checker checks.

Step 4: Wire the checker back to the relay, so when the check passes, the relay is triggered.

Step 5: Place down a item granter, and set the number of item it grants to one. The item should be the same that the checker checks for.

Step 6: Place down two triggers, place one two the left, and one to the right. Wire the left trigger to the relay, so when it is triggered, the relay is triggered. Go into its settings, and have the trigger activate on the channel “rest”. This allows the system to automatically reset itself.

Step 7: Wire the checker to the right trigger, so when the check fails, the trigger is triggered. Go into block code, and place this down:
What this does is broadcast on a channel depending on a property, then activates the left trigger.

Step 8: Place down a counter and a property. Link the two together. Wire the checker to the counter, so when the check fails, the counter is incremented.

Step 9: Place down as many waypoints as you need (up to sixty), and set their type to player. Change the “Start Following Player” channel to #W, where the # stands for each number in order, from 1-60.

In my case, to save time, I only put down three waypoints.

For the ones who want to know WHY it works:

The lifecycle tells the game to run the pulse as soon as the game starts. The relay for random players allows the device to cycle through everyone in the game. The checker, two triggers, and item granter create a system that does not put a waypoint over people with an item, and put a waypoint over people without an item, then grant them the item. This systematically removes everyone from the potential pool without going over anyone twice, or skipping anyone. Tada!

A consequence of how it works is that it is also live, meaning that if a new player joins the game, they will ALSO have a waypoint over them!

And that’s it! This is a simple system that puts a waypoint on every player in the game! There are a couple of additions that you can add to change this to your liking, such as:

  • Only putting the waypoints on a certain team (Change the relay to “Random Player on Specific Team”)
  • Taking away the notification for the item (Either switch this to pure info instead of using psudeo-teaming, use an IIM, or a thousand other ways)

As always, happy Gimkitting!

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Nice guide!



The only thing I would say is to take a few pictures out, as it makes reading what you said harder.

Really? Huh.

How about I shrink some of the pictures to 50%?


Yeah. Having a picture for each step seems a bit unnecessary.

It probably is...

However, there are people here that need them, and I would rather have too much than not enough.


Putting the entire thing in <big} </big} helps Had to use } because it whouldn’t be visible otherwise

Nice guide! the image in the beginning is cute

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it’s not working
Also you never said what wire setting to set the item granter on or what settings in the counter

The item granter’s settings:

Counter settings: Start at 0, update the property RecurseNumber.

Luckily, I didn’t delete the original build, so ask any and all questions!

I am using this for my tag map, and I have it so only team 2(the taggers) have waypoints on them. But If someone gets tagged and gets put to team 2, they can still see the waypoints. Is there any way to fix this?

You could make a reset that turns off the waypoint each tick and puts it back up using your method.

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Are the waypoints team scope?

No They are set to global

This is really helpful if you are hiding and need to see where your enemies are!

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Nice guide, I especially like the illustrations.

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wait why can’t you put your triggering thing wired to a relay set to all players to a waypoint to show the waypoint?
(triggering thing here; insert action) -> trigger relay (all players)
relay trigger -> show waypoint

Waypoints (for some reason) don’t work with all player relays.

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five seconds later: are you kidding me this is definitely a complete sentence

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