Board Game Help 3 [Waypoint Help]

Can anyone change this guide so that it puts a waypoint on ALL Players? There are 4 teams, and I want the waypoints to be red for player 1, blue for player 2, green for player 3, and purple for player 4. Guide: How to put a waypoint on every player in the game!
(Note: Make it start when receiving on “StartGame” Not When The Game Starts.)

Umm… You can’t change the color of waypoints.

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Yes you can:

Oh, didn’t know that. Probably a feature I missed out on.
Let me work on something real quick…

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This DOES put a waypoint on every player in the game though…

What you could do is make a lifecycle → trigger, that increments a property by one, then broadcasts on that channel. The waypoints would then just receive on an integer.

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But how would I make it so certain teams get certain colors?

The only thing about this method is that you have to start the game with one player, then have everyone else join late.

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That might be an issue with my map.

If each team is a person, you could literally just set it so that each waypoint is a different color. The order in which they are activated would be the order of the player’s color.

Well, that’s a problem.

Relay? To each team? You might have to split them up via map settings?

relay and way points?

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Well That Was Easier Than I Thought ._.

But Now I Need Testers. Am I Allowed To Give A Website Link That Has The Code/Showcase Link On It?

No. You can put that on the wix though.

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I can’ access the wix (blocked)

Yeah me 2.
I have to do it on my personal computer

How about something like a padlet but my own website?
(I have the ability to make a website with the link on it)

Create a new Help topic and ask: “Can I put the showcase link in my bio?” or something like that

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Ok, They Said Yes, But I Can’t Just Go Around Advertising It, So Someone Has To Ask To See It For Me To Post It (hint hint)

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