How to make wordle in gimkit! [WIP] 💫

So today we will be making wordle in gimkit!

Note: this is a massive WIP because lately I haven’t had a lot of time

! Warning memory intensive !

If you don't know what wordle is

Wordle is a game that you get a word to guess you can answer and the letters that are in the right spot*, turn green. The ones that are not in the correct spot turn yellow. If the letter is not in the word it does not change any color and that signifies that you shouldn’t use that word in another

Important notes

Make all the triggers trigger when the button to start the game is pressed

Part 1

First make a simple keyboard/text input to update a property called answer?
Then make a simple word randomizer, note: this guide only supports five letter words
Or you could use the word randomizer
And make it update a property named CorrectWord
And make something trigger the trigger that randomizes the word then deactivates itself, I used a button for this

Part 2

Making the art

You can use barriers, but since I am on mobile that is hard :neutral_face:

So I used the black square emoji and put it in 6 textbox’s, to make the board

I recommend using text so you can easily change it :slight_smile:
Make sure it is six text devices! To easily change it!
You can decorate it however you like I did this so I can have more time for the devices

Part 3

Making the random word be stored

Place another property down, and put these settings into it,

Also add a button to the word randomizer that triggers the bottom trigger (in the guide) also make the properties player-scoped

Add another property

And make the keyboard update this Answer? Property

Place down a trigger

With these blocks:

Make it trigger on “trigger again”

And remember make about everything in this guide player- scoped

Part 4

Detecting if the letter is in the word


Note again: this is a Wip so I won’t finish it immediately

Difficulty? (As of right now)
  • 1/10
  • 2/10
  • 3/10
  • 4/10
  • 5/10
  • 6/10
  • 7/10
  • 8/10
  • 9/10
  • 10/10
  • 11/10
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Cool guide, I never thought of making this in Gimkit.
You should add a diffuculty poll


I really hope you finish it. This seems like an awesome idea, and I love Wordle.


Thanks it is taking a lot of work :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a awesome guide so far! I hope you finish it!


Umm this is not 2/10
It literally says ‘create a text input system/keyboard’


It’s kind of easy if you understand block code.

This is more reasonable


True. The way we rate our posts is subjective. There’s no right or wrong answer. To one person, it may be super hard. But for another, they might be able to do it in their sleep.


Since that was made, the difficulty ratings have shifted down since people have been discovering more complicated mechanics. I would suggest basing it on how much time you think you need in gimkit creative to be able to comprehend the guide and fully understand it. It’s easy to follow instructions blindly, but it takes time to learn from it.


Amazing! I play wordle everyday, and it’s great to have it in gimkit.


This is taking a Lot of work
(Going to add more today or tomorrow)


If your think about it… its easy…

Till you realize you gotta do a keyboard

find out how your gonna measure properties

how your gonna actually do wordle

But hats off to you, cellofive! Hopefully you can do it and finish ti!


Oops realized I made a mistake…
I’ll fix it


I’m going to add more soon


Bump of doom. (More than five days) (I can bump it)

And, making this is killing me


Yes! I can finally make wordle and impress my friends with wordle (since they like it)!

It’s not done.

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I know.