How to make wordle in gimkit! [WIP] 💫

This is great - I may use it in my secret project and will definitely credit you!

(le gasp)
secret project?

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Pls don’t ask - to many people ask me. Only one other person knows.

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Similar guide time!

BUMP because this is still a wip

Yeah, I’m still working on it lol

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Why is 11/10 the most voted answer :skull:

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spikeguardian123, ik you can’t reply but can you edit this wiki? if you can’t i’ll wait for him to come back or smth.
anyways, text blocks can be used to do part 4. use the get letter # x block and input the answer? property into it. then if that equals the get letter # x of get property “correct” then make the text display for that letter # green.

huh? wdym
edit: oh, i do but i can’t do anything on it

(check the raw)