How to make the Lunar version of a Dungeon Crawler!

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You should read this guide if your planing on making a Dungeon crawler


To start with make a Lobby you should make it look creative and make it your own style and don’t copy other people and try to make some cool creative props take inspiration from this Fun designs with Props

Creative Ideas

You should put stuff that others don’t have, like fishing and maybe make a room where you only have a certain amount of time to get out How to make a simplified version of draining power like fnaf This guide will help you make a timer for a room

Have someone test your map

This is crucial before publishing. You should probably go on the Code Sharing Section on WIX Site and ask someone to test your map and give you feedback.

Use block code and make sentries interesting

You should always use block code in your map you can make a clicker game How to make a clicker game! Difficulty 9.5/10 [ red_square ] WIP ish And you should make sentries creative


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