How to make a simplified version of draining power like fnaf

start by putting a counter and make the setting like this.

Now put one wire repeater the delay could be as long as you want.
Put a zone and a repeater

wire part
Ok this is the wire part so follow along. Start by wiring the zone to the repeater it should say
player enters zone start repeater now wire the repeter to the wire repeater.
*repeter run task repeat the wire pulse * now finally wire the wire repeater to the counter and make it say when the wire repeater receives a pulse descrecement counter. It should lok like this

thank for reading my first guide


Since this isn’t really a guide yet, and you only have a day to edit it, I would suggest finishing soon!

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ok thank for telling me

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Is your time limit up? If so, I can make you a wiki post so you have unlimited time to finish.


No, @MOON still has some hours.


Here’s a little tip. If you don’t have time to finish a guide, click on the x and press save draft. That way your progress will be saved and you don’t have a time limit to edit it.


Sometimes, though, sometimes, people accidentally post the guide out…


What i meant by running out of time ment that i would do it later

No, you won’t be able to edit this after a day. You should save it as a draft next time.

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I finished working on the mechanic so now i will edit it

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This is a nice guide!

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My first guide so let me Bump to freddy.