How to make the Energy Per Question Upgrade for Capture the Flag | Difficulty 2/10

Credit to @max1 for this guide!

Ok, let’s get started. First of all, get:

  • Property 1x
  • Vending Machine 1x
  • Trigger 1x
  • Item Granter 1x
  • Questioner 1x

Get your Property, and set it like this:

Make sure the Property, when the value changes, broadcasts on “Increase”

Set your Vending Machine like this:

Set your Trigger like this:

Set your Item Granter like this:

You don’t need to change anything in the Questioner.

Wiring Time!
Questioner → Item Granter: Question answered correctly → Grant Item
Vending Machine → Trigger: Item Purchased → Trigger

You’re done now!
@Blizzy out…


Nice Guide! I was waiting for someone to make a guide like this. I didn’t know someone already made a guide on this though.

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@max1 Made one straight on the TUG for Capture the Flag. I’m just using my own way, with blocks.


Nice guide!


I didn’t use blocks because I’m not very good at blocks and properties. I use items and counters because I can understand them.

Nice guide!

me too! counters are so simple

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Nice guide Blizzy!

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Please make a guide on this

I did, it is in the tag TUG