How To Make Text Show A Players Name

I Figured it out.

Make Sure its on wire pulse or it most likely won’t work.

And have to when the button is pressed run wire pulse block and not show text. Thats it just have a player press it.

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Nice! But it seems kinda short, maybe add more to it?

What else Should I add?

Cool Guide!
Extra Characters

Well I did Use This for voting in my among us map so if anyone needs it for an among us map here you go

Yea Randomly its very simple

But I don’t know how to make it show at the start of the game tho

Nice guide!
Although it is kinda short, so maybe try adding more stuff?

Also How to make lasers turn on and off. You Just Need a laser beam manager and a laser beam and two triggers

You Just have the trigger delays on how many second you want it each of them

and the laser will be on that long, I’m going to need to continue this tomorrow Sorry

Just have the laser in a group thats the same as the laser beam manager

Aren’t there so many guides on these on and off lasers
Like This
How do people make it so it’ll like show the guide minimized

Congrats on TL3!


This is a rather short guide and those often get flagged for either not being needed or too repetitive adding a laser guide won’t help because there are already too many of those


What can i do with it though?

if you dont wanna have those extra characters just do this:

you can make wikis, get more likes

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wow yeah congrats on level 3. you can do cool stuff like make wikis, immediately take down posts from TL0’s that you flag, and other cool stuffs.
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Congrats though you’ll make a good regular


I’ve been making pfps for people who just got promoted

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