Leader board...maybe, help pls

so I was in class day dreaming and when a thought struck me, is there a way to add these 2 guide

and some more things
and make an in game leader board so that they can up date it before they leave. please tell me if you understand, if you think you do could you say something like, “so you mean…”

I’m just wondering if it is possible

Anything is possible in GKC! Just try it out!

they are asking how to do this. Hey @CoolGimkitPlayer could you specify what you mean?

Maybe with a keyboard.

can you simply say the idea?

make it so that players can see where they rank on playing the game, (so like a pvp where they rank on how many kills)

that’s the default setting

no, it works when the player leaves and the comeback and it saves it

You can’t save global scores for EVERYONE who plays the game. That’s the reason we needed the save file; we can only do what the player tells us to do. So no, we can’t have a global scoreboard that all players can access. We can certainly have a local one if a player gets a manual save, but even then it’s going to be painful to make and type in.

The second one works for sure because it is just simple block code but I was never sure of the first one.

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