How to do autographs in gimkit!

So, it’s pretty easy. The only things are…

A scroll, (prop) which can be changed to something else.

A button

And a piece of text!

Now lets get started. Yes, it’s gonna include block code. But don’t be shy of it. Trust me, really easy. But first, in case you might wanna say this, yes, I will credit shade for this. I just thought of wanting to make it so you can do it like signing an autograph. So here’s his guide. Has pictures if you need it.

Shades, “How To Make Text Show A Players Name.”

Let’s get started. Get your scroll down. Nice. Very easy, yes?

Next. Make a button that’s not visible in game, and make it so that it can only be triggered once. So you could transmit a channel when button clicked, which can be turn off. So make the button deactivate on turn off.

Next, wire the button to a piece of text you just placed. Make it when button clicked, run wire pulse.

Now put the piece of text on a scroll. Make it not visible in game. Make it visible when receiving turn off from that button. Now go into your block code, and go to for this device. Place down set text. Then, in your essentials, triggering players name.

There you have at, autographs! Pretty cool, right?

Once again lots of credits to Shade, this is pretty inspired, but I thought of this and hey, this is kinda cool and fun.

Want it so everyone can use it and see only their own name? Put the buttons deactivation scope on player, and the text visibility on player scope too!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Once again, credits to shades guide, here it is.


Remember pictures are powerful!


Yeah, I was gonna add that, but I accidentally deleted my old draft.

I always remember that.

I did say shades guide has pictures if you need it, pretty sure.

But thank you for your feedback!

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Is it like a celebrity autograph or just how to show a player’s name to look like an autograph?

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How to make it so you sign your gimkit name like its an autograph

Nice Guide! Yeah I used that mechanic in one of my games!

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BUMP, is it possible to pull up a popup and you can see all the player names you autographed? (Just asking.)

I’m, actually not very sure. Sorry for the late reply.

Maybe… You might just need to add multiple text showing that oh, I replied. Or multiple pop ups but I’m not very sure, might have to ask someone else.

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