How to make stuff 3d

high people i want to make it so that it looks like u are getting higher and u walk under leges how do u do this??

is this a bigger player or a elevated terrain like amountain?

Currently, 3D objects and figures are very hard to replicate in Gimkit. Maybe try looking through these posts for ideas:

its a mountain with a gaint bird head statue thing on top

if it is terrain you change the layering and the type of terrain like this;

an if you mean prop, you just move the prop below the player on layering, like this;

no its a mountain with leges and stuff

well yeah you can do that, want me to sent a screen shot?


You could make something like this

If you layer things correctly, you can make a mountain.
Lolo made a cool hill mountain thing.


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this is what im trying to build

It is possible, would take a long time.

Since you have so many layers, I would recommend putting all the terrain on one layer
as you would run out.

i am willing to do it i already made waterfalls u can walk under

one what one gimkit???

here is the worst rough draft i have done, but like this?

you can add ladders and expand the ledges.


umm not exactly look at the pic ubove

Rough draft. You could make it look better. It’s just a starting point to develop ideas.

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k so i can see what i can do.


Also, I recommend using concrete, space rock, or speckled grey for the mountain (plus grass)

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Here is the revision

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