How to make Snow brawl but with red light green light

I need help because I’m new to gimkit creative.

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Maybe use a movement meter to see if people are moving during red light.
Also, welcome to the forum @hello2!

Welcome to the forum, @hello2! I remember that @The_7th_Dragon made a map like this, so she might know.

here is the guide she made, but it doesn’t have any pictures, so if you need more help just ask!

Welcome to the forum, @hello2 ! I’m afraid i deleted that map…. Forgot that I made a guide on it….hehehe

Do you want them to die if they move?

woa, your unbanned! cool!

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Yes, it would be more fun, but I want to put a warning, or else it is just not fair.

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Use a notification or a popup.

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How do I make the notification pop up when its re light, and how do I make them die when they don’t stop?

repeater runs task > send notification

player knocked out > switch player to configured team

multiple lives:

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Thanks For helping, I will try that as soon as possible aka now

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