How To Make Simple ____Brawl!

This guide will be on building one of the all-time favorites (in my friend group at least), Snowbrawl, or any type of ____brawl.

What Is ____brawl?

Most of you should know what ____brawl is. In a nutshell, ____brawl is a game based on knocking as many people out as you can with a weapon. The map should be medium sized, and should have various props people can hide behind that are COHESIVE WITH THE THEME.

Game Mechanics

If you break it down, all of the mechanics are super simple. You have to be able to go pew-pew at people with gadgets. You also have to be able to have the game count the score with knockouts. Then, when players get knocked out, you have to get spawned in at a random place. In real Snowbrawl, IDK if it’s really random, but since I’m terrible with blocks, I’ll stick to random.
That’s basically it.

The Map Look

To make the map look right, you have to keep a consistent theme going. For this guide, I’m just going to use classic Snowbrawl.
Some theme ideas:
Cool themes ideas for your maps (reply with more themes)
Cool themes ideas for your maps (reply with more themes) [re-upload]

Snowbrawl would be winter themed, so you DON’T TOSS IN A FLOWERPOT. THAT’S iLlEgAl.

Players Get Gadgets

You need a Starting Inventory device, set to whatever gadget you need.


Just go to Map Settings and click on the score section. There, you will find a menu for the score count. Select ‘Knockouts’.

When Knocked Out, Respawn Randomly

For this, wire a knockout manager to a bunch of teleportals, so that it’s like this:
When player knocked out → teleport here
This worked for my Snowbrawl-type game.


Check out this guide:
How to Make Lifesteal in Gimkit [:green_square:]


@ClicClac 's suggestion
If you want more of a Hunger Games type ___Brawl, you can remove the When Knocked Out, Respawn Randomly stuff. Wire a knockout manager to a team switcher (When Player Knocked Out → Switch To Team) And the team is Spectators.
Then, check out this guide because I’m too lazy to type it all out:
How to make a live player counter that ends the game at 1 player! 2/10

I believe that’s it! Hope this was useful :slight_smile:


Nice guide! Could you add ending the game when one player is left as an optional addition?

This reminds me of a certain… other guide with underscores in the title…


She has random respawns on knock out so there wont ever be one player left.

Great Guide @VoidFluffy i like how you used a culmination of concepts to create a solid gamemode.

This guide is also a really good base to add on too. wink wink

The game ends when the time runs out. also that guide was amazing but too amazing for my tiny lil brain to understand

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thanks! Also I’m female…

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