How to make Mega Speed Regenerating Health | Difficulty 🟦 or 1/10

Credit to @NavyCatZ for the idea and @mysz for the mega speed.

Okay, first place a button. You can make the message whatever you want it to be. Make it transmit on GrantHealth when pressed. Place a Trigger, and set the delay to 0.1. Place a Health Granter(The Unknown Device) and make it grant 1 HEALTH when receiving on ‘GrantHealth’. Now, make the Trigger receive on ‘GrantHealth’ and also broadcast on ‘GrantHealth’. This will conclude in a Loop. Now, you’re finished!

Why not just use a Repeater?

You don’t, because, if you want Mega Speed, a repeater, at most, can only run a task at(fastest speed) 0.5 second intervals. This is not as fast as 0.1 second intervals!


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Nice Guide @Blizzy ! I would like photos, but it’s not necessary because this isn’t a hard guide. Also put the difficulty to like 1/10.

Yeah, I agree.

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Not to be off-topic, but they blocked Gimkit on my chromebook! :sob:I’m on pc rn

I have another guide coming out, but I don’t time to do pictures, so I’m not submitting it yet.

It’s Flashing Lights

Nice! Flashing lights would be good! I wanna make fnaf in gimkit, I know it’s possible but I haven’t checked for guides yet, but I’m assuming there is none. This would help a lot for the security cameras.


Wow, I’ve never seen this guide before! Great job!

I thought this was automatic but Great Job