Simple Guide: Health Regeneration

Based off this community made guide:

In the official game mode, “Snowy Survival,” You can regenerate health by default, you can also change this with the Your Rules update.

Here’s a simple guide to how you can replicate this gimmick:


1x Lifecycle
2x Wire Repeaters (wait what)
1x Relay (Optional)
1x Health Granter

Step 1: Get out a lifecycle device and keep its default settings.

Step 2: Get one wire repeater out, we will call this “Repeater A”

Step 3: Open up Repeater A’s settings and change its delay to any number you want. (Recommended 1.0)

Step 4: Get out another wire repeater, we will call this “Repeater B”

Step 5: Wire Repeater A to Repeater B and Then Wire Repeater B to Repeater A.

Step 6: Get out a Health Granter, you can edit it’s settings to change on how you want your regeneration to work.

Step 7: Wire Repeater B to the Health Granter.

Finished Product


If you want everyone to regenerate health, this is where the Relay device comes in.

Cut the wire between Repeater B and the Health Granter.

Place the Relay down and don’t change its settings.

Wire Repeater B to the Relay to the Health Granter.

Now it should look like this:

From there your pretty much done, but before you reply…

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This has already been made tho…

This guide has already been made.

There are already TONS of guides about this:

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