How do you make a Shield?

Hi! I’m making a Snow Brawl type game. How do you make a shield that you can activate and it will block all damage for 30 seconds?

You can’t do this yet, but you can use Pseudo-Health.

You can also try Mega Regenerating Health (remove the “speed” part) to have an illusion that the player can’t take damage.

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Wire Repeater 1) Repeat the wire pusle!

(Wire Repeater 1) When the wire repeater receives a pulse… —> (Wire Repeater 2) Repeat the wire pulse!

(Wire Repeater 1) When the wire repeater receives a pulse… —> (Health Granter) Grant player health

(Wire Repeater 2) When the wire repeater receives a pulse… —> (Health Granter) Grant player health

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Well, you could make it so when you die, you have 30 second immunity.

maybe put barriers around the player and the triggering thing starts a repeater or wire repeater to increment a counter every second and then once 30 is reached, it deactivates all the barriers

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How do you make barriers move with player?

you can make their health regen to max health for thirty seconds (this won’t work against instant kill items)

I just said that lol but it’s fine

If you wanted to use Barriers, you’d have to use a lot of coordinate systems

so what GimSolver and I (Foxy Also) is much simpler.

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How do you make them stay at max health?

use a trigger clock connected to a health granter

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The Trigger Clock/Repeater keeps on healing them absurd amounts of health causing the player’s health to not go down for thirty seconds.

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yeah, I forgot that, you can’t stop a wire repeater’s signal so triggers with a trigger limit are much more viable

place down a trigger, a wire repeater, and a health granter
set the health granter to health then shields and set it to the max health you can have
wire the trigger to the wire repeater and the wire repeater back to the trigger
wire the health granter to either the wire repeater or the trigger
give the wire repeater a mild delay
when you want this effect to stop; deactivate the trigger

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